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Families of South Korea Ferry Victims Clash With Police

The families of missing passengers on the sunken South Korean ferry Sewol have clashed with officials in a furious protest about the slow pace of the rescue operation. Police barred the path of family members as they attempted to leave Jindo Island to march to the presidential palace in the country's capital, Seoul, to demand answers. Some families have been camping in a gymnasium on Jindo ...

Kids in the Park: pictures, photos

April 20, 2014, 6:30 p.m. Tiana Plumbridge, 8, of Launceston runs off the side of the slide at Kids in the Park festivities. Picture: Katrina Docking Tyler Plumbridge, 8, of Launceston races to the bottom of the hill during Kids in the Park Easter festivities.

Families brave heat n' dust for candidates in UP polls

Lucknow, April 20 (IANS) Not just candidates, their families too are braving the sweltering summer heat as they hit the campaign trail to seek votes for their brothers, fathers, husbands and other relations. Uttar Pradesh has a long list of such families who are pitching in for their politically inclined family members. If you have Savitri Singh, wife of BJP president Rajnath Singh, who is ...

Children murdered in Melbourne

Two children have died on Easter Sunday in Melbourne, sparking a homicide investigation.

Children brutally killed in South Sudan fighting: UNICEF

April 19, 2014 (JUBA) - A number of children were killed in Thursday's fighting at a United Nations base in South Sudan's Jonglei state, with many either caught up in the crossfire or died after being recruited by armed groups and forces, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) said. The exact number of children killed, it said, was not yet known but they were among the dozens of civilians injured and ...

Family of devout Muslim in minimally conscious state lose right-to-life case

The family of the 72-year-old man argue his suffering is bringing him closer to God The family of an elderly devout Muslim who is in a minimally conscious state have lost their legal bid to prolong his life. They argued that the 72-year-old man, who can be identified only as VT, would regard his suffering as bringing him closer to God. The family contested an application by an NHS Trust that it ...

Kids Saddled up and Held on Tight for Buc Days Mutton Busting

It was quite the scene along the bay front as pint sized cowboys and cowgirls were seeing who could hold on for the full 8 seconds. Saturday, kids saddled up and held on tight, all part of the annual Buc Days Mutton Bustin' event. The crowd was cheering on as little cowboys and cowgirls grabbed onto the wool for the ride of their life! This is just one of the many events happening at Buc Days ...


A beach vacation with the kids need not be fraught with stress and misery. Develop a strategy for any age group and make the most of your time in the sun. Contributor: Amy Jo Baker Published: Apr 08, 2014

Calgary stabbings: victims' families come together to heal

The families of the five young people killed this week in a stabbing in Calgary say they have come together in their healing.

Children given unnecessary amputations as Syria's health system disintegrates

Doctors in Syria are being forced to give children unnecessary amputations and patients are choosing to be knocked out with metal bars rather than endure operations without anesthesia a new report on the disintegration of the war-torn nation’s health system says.        

Family, community, mourns boy, 15, killed in North Chicago

Family members, clergymen and activists gathered in North Chicago this afternoon to mourn a 15-year-old who was gunned down this week and to decry the violence that took another young life in the community.

Family Court Consumers Group appalled at legal rort

Family Court Consumers Group appalled at Lawyer for Child's "1 meeting in 10 years" taxpayer funded legal rort

Family: 2-year-old found dead in Petersburg house fire

A family spokesperson told NBC12 the victims are Pauline Wilkins, her daughter Vicki Ansar, Ansar's daughter Tanique "Missy" Chavis and her two year old son, Deldari Chavis.

Family Lays Esparto Man Killed In Washington Mudslide To Rest

The family of John Regelbrugge III, who died along with his wife in the devastating mudslide last month, laid the veteran Navy commander to rest in a California cemetery with full military honors.

Families' frustration: 'Nothing is changing'

When a ship comes into sight, they come -- seemingly out of nowhere, inching closer to the dock. Bleary-eyed, the faces of the families of the missing have become swollen from crying.

Families of Calgary stabbing victims ask for privacy through 'unimaginable sorrow'

The families of Calgary's mass murder victims came together Saturday to express their "tremendous grief and tragedy" and to ask for privacy to heal.

Families of Calgary mass murder victims speak out: ‘First, we must say goodbye to our loved ones’

CALGARY—The families of Calgary’s mass murder victims came together Saturday to express their “tremendous grief and tragedy” and to ask for privacy to heal. Zackariah Rathwell, 21, Jordan Segura, 22, Josh Hunter, 23, Kaitlin Perras, 23, and Lawrence Hong, 27, were stabbed to death at an end of school house party early Tuesday morning. Another partygoer, 22-year-old Matthew de Grood, has been ...

Families of Calgary stabbing victims release statement

Group expresses ‘tremendous grief and tragedy’

Joint statement from families of Calgary mass murder victims

CALGARY - The families of Calgary's mass murder victims came together Saturday to express their "tremendous grief and tragedy" and to ask for privacy to heal. Zackariah Rathwell, 21, Jordan Segura, 22, Josh Hunter, 23, Kaitlin Perras, 23, and Lawrence Hong, 27, were stabbed to death at an end of school house party early Tuesday morning. Another partygoer, 22-year-old Matthew de Grood, has been ...

Children with regular bedtimes less likely to misbehave, research shows

Youngsters with no set pattern more likely to have behavioural problems and emotional difficulties, suggests UCL study It has long been considered the parental holy grail – a regular bedtime, adhered to by compliant children. But steady bedtimes can mean more than a few hours' peace and quiet for the adults, according to new research which shows that children put to bed at the same time each day ...

Kids Across America

In late July about 100 kids will board a bus at Straight Street, bound for a week of camping at KAA. The one-week camp offers inner-city teenagers a chance to participate in outdoor sports and activities, but more importantly, to listen to the word of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant way.

Teachers warn over pupil poverty

Children are turning up for school cold, hungry and wearing unwashed or unsuitable clothes because their families are facing money problems, teachers are warning.

Time for Ryall to fix mistakes and help families - Dyson

Families who won a long and lengthy court battle for financial help to support their disabled daughters and sons are now facing a new battle with health system bureaucracy and need the Health Minister's help, Labour's Disability Issues spokesperson Ruth Dyson says. This is an abysmal failure on the part of Tony Ryall who needs to urgently step up to the mark, admit his failure to deliver on his ...

Kids will come runnin’ for these salty-snacky veggies

Rather than hide them, we can showcase vegetables by enhancing them with salt and spices, and cook them until they’re crispy.

Children lose seven minutes of sleep for every hour of TV

A study by Harvard University and Project Viva suggests that children lose seven minutes of sleep for every hour of television that they watch

Home with the kids Friday? Some options for getting out

Most kids and many parents have a day off from school and work on Friday for Good Friday. A mom asked me on our Facebook page if I had any ideas for ways to pass the day. Of course!

Sandy Hook families ask for privacy as Newtown anniversary looms

Families call on people to mark the upcoming anniversary by performing acts of kindness or volunteering with charities

Children Spot Objects More Quickly When Prompted By Words Instead Of Images

April Flowers for - Your Universe Online Spoken language prompts children to spot objects more quickly than images, according to a new study from Indiana University. As any book lover will tell you, language is transformative. The transformative powers, however, may reach father than an emotional reaction to novels or poetry. The study , published in Developmental Science , reveals ...

Children may get free tuition upon deaths of first responders

By Colleen Quinn State House News Service BOSTON -- Children of all Massachusetts first responders killed in the line of duty would be eligible to attend a public college or university for free, under a bill that was expected to pass in the

Family businesses hiring in 2014

These are good times for central Ohio’s family-owned businesses. Big and small, many feel confident about their future and most plan on hiring this year, according to a survey by the Conway Center for Family Business.

Children's Hospital admits mistakes in providing information about fungal outbreak

Children's Hospital apologized Thursday for its handling of information about a deadly fungus that claimed the lives of five patients between 2008 and 2009 at the medical facility.

Kids Eat Free Friday At Pastamania

Bandar Seri Begawan: “Kids Eat Free Day Every Friday” is the affair that is happening at Pastamania as part of its vision to promote a kids friendly store.

Family pushes province for more info in infant’s death

A grieving family confronted officials at the Manitoba Legislature Thursday, but still has no answers about how their baby boy died in Child and Family Services care.

Kids' Perplexed Reactions to Walkmans Will Make You Feel Old

Kids these days. Now too preoccupied with their iPod’s thousands of shuffling song options at their fingertips, teens today don’t even realize the joy of the cassette tape — equipped with the frustrations of manually fast-forwarding and rewinding to find the one song you wish...

Family's pain after killer jailed

The family of a teenager who was beheaded by her boyfriend have spoken of their pain after her killer was jailed for life for murder.

Risks of Whole-Genome Sequencing for Children: Medical Genetics Expert from Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital ...

Children today live in a world where it is becoming easier and cheaper to sequence their genome -- the full set of biological material inherited from our ancestors that plays a major role in our development, functioning and behavior.

How to Protect Kids from Powerful Advertising

Kids today are bombarded with a constant barrage of advertising, often camouflaged as entertainment, and not even the top researchers in the field know exactly how it might be influencing them. That's because there's scant research on how many of the newer types of ads, such as online games created by companies or viral marketing, might be affecting young minds. "No one knows what impact these ...

Family Dollar woes: Why dollar stores have value (+video)

Family Dollar announced that it will close hundreds of stores, and one mom takes note of the value of the dollar store, celebrating finds from Christmas plates to teacher gifts.

Family of ex-Marine in Iran sees hope of freedom

DETROIT (AP) — The family of a former U.S. Marine imprisoned in Iran since his 2011 arrest on spying charges is hopeful that he could be released soon because of recent developments in his case, including his conviction for a lesser offense, a family spokesman said Sunday.

Kids and Money: How to Save for 3 Different Goals

The value of the dollar is challenging for children to grasp. Young kids often don’t comprehend the ways in which saving and spending can impact our lives. They may see us purchase groceries or buy the ...
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